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A full range of automatic printing presses to suit all users,
entry level to professional.

A full range of automatic textile and graphic printing machines are available to meet the needs of start-ups or professionals looking to upgrade. We can offer targeted solutions to your automatic printing needs as most of our machines are available with a range of modifications and features to suit any requirements. If you are looking for a semi-automatic or something unusual and bespoke simply get in touch and we will provide you with a quote tailored to you.


Sureprint Trojan

  • The first automatic carousel built in the UK for over 20 years! 

  • Exceptional build quality and tailoring to bespoke specifications 

  • Affordable, reliable and user friendly

  • Highly adaptable and capable of large scale printing

Other Models



One of lowest cost machines of its kind on the market capable of delivering fast, high quality prints. The Ultramatic is designed around simplicity and affordability which is why the end result is not only low cost but also low maintenance. Though we have streamlined some aspects of the build, many of the key componants and print registration parts are identical to those used in our high-end models alongside unrestricted software usablility.



The Hurricane series is a fully equipped compact machine with AC driven print heads, servo INDEXER rotation system and a fully featured control keypad on every head. The Software is fully compatible with all machine hardware possibilities: Sequences, Multi print flashing, half index in both directions, fully implemented IR Quartz flashes. The availability of front-rear and side screen holders expands the options for convenient and efficient use.



The Spectrum-SL covers most of screen printers' demands with a printable image area of 51 x 51 cm (20 x 20''), which can be upgraded to print 40 x 70 cm. The standard Spectrum-SL is equipped with servo indexer rotation system, AC driven print heads and pneumatic lifting.


Prism II

The Prism II Rotary automatic press is the biggest and most advanced model we supply. Optimised for large printing companies it is an excellent balance of quality and price.

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