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Screen printing machine innovators.

Screen Printing Machinery Manufacturers

About Sureprint, founded in 1994 the company has grown to work with a wide variety of companies supplying machines built by us, rebranded then resold to end users, such as Natgraph, MHM, Sanco Technology, Adelco, Specialist Crafts, SISS, RA Smart as well as many others.


As predominantly a trade supplier of equipment our products are geared to the current market needs and our product range has become quite extensive over the years. 


Building a large portfolio of solutions to screen printing problems we have a vast knowledge base and are able to design and build bespoke machines to suit individual client requirements. 


Our products for the educational sector has also grown over the years and we have supplied thousands of pieces of equipment to educational establishments throughout the UK and beyond. 


What the future holds is very exciting for us as we continue to work with our partners and colleagues in the screen printing industry we are adding additional new products in 2023, including a fibre laser machine range for

educational and industrial use.

Screen printing machine manufacturers

Advantages of working with us at a glance

  • Ability to offer instant solutions to screen printing machinery needs.

  • Opportunities to design and build unique new product lines from concept through to market.

  • Flexibility to offer a wide range of new screen printing ideas not developed elsewhere.

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