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Our range of sturdy tshirt printing presses, suitable for beginner to professional users.

Sureprint manual screen printing carousels are robust, heavy duty machines. All models have micro registration fitted as standard to each print head and are designed for a lifetime of precision work. Designed for printing T Shirts or textile products. Available in a variety of configurations suitable for start ups to larger machines for more advanced users.

Manual carousel for screen printing

Each machine is of a heavy duty construction, complete with micro registration, adjustable screen clamps with the option of pneumatic clamps. A heavy duty registration system ensures accurate repeatable printing. The pallets are quick slide on and off and have quick release fittings. A range of pallets are available. Adjustable frame clamps allow various screen sizes to be used. There are many possible varieties and options. 

  • Side clamps make a stable platform for the screens

  • Bearing registration ensures accurate repeatable registration

  • Platens 40 x 50 cm standard

  • Quick change pallet system

  • Optional side screen air clamps, jacket hold down frames and a range of pallet option available

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