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Leaf Pattern Design

Sureprint Automatic Stencil Developers.

Sureprint have recently developed a new range of automatic screen developers, design to be compact, environmentally friendly systems used for the purpose of washing out stencils after exposure.



Recently tasked to build an automatic stencil development unit for a ceramic transfer

customer, we developed our compact Automatic Stencil Development System. The unit has double doors with a sensor interlock, our ''Halo'' system of high pressure nozzles, & motorised drive unit provides the user with a very easy to use system that washes exposed screens uniformly and thoroughly, very fine tone work is washed out perfectly every time evenly and consistently. 



The system has a water tank and high pressure pump which recycles water from the tank repeatedly, this saves water consumption. Washing out screens is time consuming and our clients found by introducing this system the screens are produced much faster allowing one operative to be far more productive, where three operatives where producing screens now only two are required to handle the same amount of screens.

During this exercise we also identified the client was over exposing screens by 50%

making life hard for the operative to wash out screens by hand, by identifying this problem we helped reduce exposure times by over 50% more on some films. This

helps reduce the electrical consumption of department accordingly. The whole department is now much more efficient, consuming less energy in screen exposure,

using less water that the manual approach and staffing has been reduced by one team member allowing that person to be utilised elsewhere in the business.

All this achieved by introducing one change to the way the process was carried out.

A compact design which is small on footprint, comes with an illuminated panel. A touch screen is fitted to the control unit allowing operators precise control of the cycle sequences.

Speed control, number of passes required, are all programable and stored in the plc memory.

The frame holder allows any size frame to be fitted up to it's maximum size. Multi frame holders can be supplied for processing small screens.

The client required the unit to be drained at the weekend so a water drain valve is fitted as well as an automatic refill function.

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