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Designed for the application of small amounts of glue to platens.
This system saves money by applying small amounts of glue to platens at intermittent intervals, it also saves contamination of the surroundings by localising the spray in one direction only.

Automatic screen printing for garments

Highly efficient automated systems designed to save you time, resources and money. Optimised to work alongside a wide range of machinery to spray the right amount of adhesive without waste, our innovative and robust glue applicator is guaranteed to streamline your production process.

Glue applicator
  • Allows you to spray a minimal and measured amount of adhesive.

  • Optimised even coating.

  • No loss of glue or adhesive residue on surrounding equipment or substrate

  • Atomisation of the adhesive is minimal so particles are not drawn into the fans of nearby machines or dryers.

  • Full automation is controlled by a photosensor and once set up can be run without the need for operator intervention.

  • Small footprint means it can fit between platens and not get in the way of the operator or other employees.

A solution to a big problem. Following the sucessful launch of our glue applicator range Sureprint will be anouncing the next generation of glue applicators for automatic carousels. The Sureprint spray applicator provides an alternative method of safely applying adhesive onto pallets with out the need for an operator to apply the glue manually. The spray apllicator sits between the off load and loading stations and sprays a minimal amount of adhesive onto the pallet as it passes under the spray heads. This saves time in waiting for an operator to spray the adhesive onto the pallet before loading the next garment. It also ensures an evenly applied layer of glue is applied and reduces


The spray nozzles can be fine tuned to deposit small or larger amounts of adhesive onto the pallets. Large 25L drums of adhesive can be purchased at much better rates than buying aerosol cans and there is no problem of disposal of waste cans as shown below. The adhesive can also be watered down by as much as 50% making it a much more affordable, environmentally friendly and reduces a company carbon footprint and costs.

Glue applicator

Tons of used, empty aerosol cans

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