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A full range of screen printing exposure units.
Actinic, LED, or Metal Halide units available.

Sureprint Exposure Units.

Exposure equipment

Sureprint self contained exposure units, are manufactured in a split construction to allow access through standard doorways. The range includes five standard models plus our new Lumex range with different power level options. Each exposure unit is fitted with a PLC integrator or a standard timer depending on customer requirements.

Introducing the Lumex LED Range

These exposure units have been developed to produce fast exposures, give hard stencils, whilst at the same time reduce electrical energy consumption, and reduce the amount of spare parts required over it's lifetime. These units are single phase 5 Amps. They are easily split to go through a standard doorway and can be table mounted if required.


A standard Lumex exposure unit has a fast vacuum pump which which creates a high pressure vacuum in around 3-4 seconds, exposure times vary from 30 - 60 seconds depending on the emulsion used and the number of coats applied to each side of the stencil.


Our specially developed LED's typically have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, compare that to a metal halide lamp which typically lasts for around a 1000 hours. The unit pays for itself over it's life time by the electrical energy savings made and replacement lamp savings.

Led exposure units

The Lumex range is also available in our combination exposure unit and drying cabinet ranges. 


Looking to upgrade your old exposure unit? Sureprint can provide a retrofit upgrade for your old system.

Metal Halide exposure units

Self-Contained Exposure Units - Standard Options

Model 1, 46” x 29” Clear Glass Area (1165 mm x 730 mm) 1 or 2 k/w version

Model 2, 49” x 39” Clear Glass Area  (1245 mm x 990 mm) 1 or 2 k/w versions

Model 3, 50” x 68” Clear Glass Area  (1270 mm x 1725mm) 2 or 3/5 or 6 k/w versions

Power levels range from 1200 watt to 6 k/w systems rapid start or shutter variations are available. These units are totally enclosed and are suitable for work in an open workroom.

Table top exposure equipment

Actinic Range

This range offers the entry level user or educational establishment the oportunity to produce exellent quality stencils using a machine developed as a lower cost version of a self contained exposure unit. The stencils are as good as the Metal Halide range but take longer to expose due to the lower power levels of the machine.

Available in three satndard sizes these unit split down and will fit into the smallest space. the legs are removeable which makes istallations very easy. The Actinc range are also manufactured with drying cabinets underneath for space saving. Available in a variety of sizes to suit all frame sizes.

Three models of our combination drying cabinet and actinic exposure unit are available as standard, but other sizes can be fabricated to customer requirements. The combination units are especially good for areas where space is at a premium.

Combination drying cabinet and exposure unit

Combination drying cabinet and exposure unit.

Combination drying cabinets and exposure units.Combination drying cabinets can have either LED or actinic exposure units integrated onto the drying cabinet to give a multi purpose unit saving

space. Different sizes of units cover most standard frame sizes but any size can be made to customer requirements. Comapct design, saves space and very easy to use. Exposure unit can be used at the same time the dryig cabinet is in use.

Actinic exposure equipment

Actinic exposure units, quality build, designed for ease of use and years of trouble free operation.

Actinic exposure units, very versatile units and suitable for start ups and educational establishments looking for a low cost exposure unit.

Model 1 can be table mounted if space is an issue, fast vacuum, digital timer, good exposure times and very easy to use.

Light Sources, free standing units designed to work in conjunction separate print down frames. 

Power levels:-

1.2 k/w single phase plug and play.

2 k/w single phase, 20 Amp.

5 k/w 400 volt 20 Amp. Three phase.

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