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Professional screen printing press.

Automatic screen printer
Automatic screen printer

The Spectrum-SL covers most of screen printers' demands with a printable image area of 51 x 51 cm (20 x 20''), which can be upgraded to print 40 x 70 cm. The standard Spectrum-SL is equipped with servo indexer rotation system, AC driven print heads and pneumatic lifting.


This highly reliable design is engineered to maximize efficiency of the pneumatic indexing system's inertial forces. The Spectrum-SL offers considerable flexibility with your choice of two styles of screen mounting systems, side screen clamping or front-rear screen clamping.


  • Quick change pallet system with fast sliding pallets and pallet locator makes pallet placement easy.

  • Standard pallets measure 41 x 56 cm (16 x 22").

Spectrum-SL is a fast, reliable, and durable machine. Each head is equipped with a full function membrane panel keypad with the ability to control all major motions and head features without the need to return to the main panel.


With the front-rear screen clamping style we find 4 axis precise micro adjustments and swivelling front head clamp design which provides excellent control over screen placement and easy flash unit access. Flash unit is automatically recognized by the software the moment it is connected to the print head. There is no need to return to the main control panel to assign the flash to any head. Flash recognition is a standard feature because we understand that set-up time is important to every operator.



Advanced safety system for operator protection includes: 

  • Clear indication light tower system

  • Inter-station safety bars with 2 motion disabling side bars for operator position

  • Floor-mounting solid bar limits access to danger zone for operator while LOADING and UNLOADING


The Spectrum-SL has advanced software that includes MULTI-PRINT FLASHING and SEQUENCING features; combine this with CLH flashes to produce the highest printing and curing efficiency.

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