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Automatic t shirt printing press.

Automatic screen printing machine
Automatic screen printing machine

The Sureprint Trojan series machines are manufactured in Nottingham which ensures exceptional build quality and tailoring to bespoke specifications. The Trojan is designed to be an affordable, reliable and user friendly option for print shops looking to expand or making the first leap from manual to automatic. Despite its relatively small footprint the Trojan is highly adaptable and capable of large scale printing on areas up to 100cm x 70cm and a series of efficient print modes and settings are easily altered using an intuitive touch screen control panel.  Standard operating cycle time of 6 seconds for tea towels and 4.8 seconds for T-shirts enables up to 750 prints per hour. The Trojan is extremely durable and robustly built from resilient materials capable of demanding and heavy duty use.

  • Overall Machine Diameter: 4 Meters

  • Max Frame Size: 125cm x 90cm

  • Max Print Area (depending on platen size): 100cm x 70cm

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