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Shown with manual clips and stainless steel flood and squeegee bars, this model is ideal for a wide variety of flat substrates up to 50mm thick such as wallpaper samples.


Any size machine can be built to suit customer requirements. The head comprises a heavy duty print and flood bar mechanism suitable for large format printing. The head is fitted with stainless steel bars which carry the flood bar and squeegee and deliver even pressure across the print.
Standard machine sizes are available with manual or pneumatic screen clamps and a micro adjustable base for fine registration. An inlaid control panel allows the easy access of the controls without being obtrusive. The unit can be controlled via touch a HMI with PLC system or a manual switches as shown.

This printer is a single phase machine requiring nominal air supply. All the drives are electric and all functionality is controlled via a state of the art PLC control system.

Highly versatile & footswitch control, ideal for:

  • Sampling

  • Transfers

  • Wallpaper samples

  • Most flat substrates

Model   Dimensions

2             381mm x 510mm

2             510mm x 760mm

3             760mm x 1020mm

4             1020mm x 1525mm

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