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Screen Printing
Equipment Manufacturers.

Welcome to Sureprint, the one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high quality and affordable screen printing machinery.

With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their

unique printing needs.  Browse our website to explore our range of screen printing equipment. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Automatic stencil developer, automatic screen washer.

New automatic
stencil developers.

A new range of automatic stencil developers is

now available in a range of sizes to suit all frame sizes. These enclosed cabinets allow for the speedy, even development of stencils. 

The system uses recycled water through a filter and utilises the same water repeatedly so there are water usage savings. These machines also allow for labour saving costs as well, in busy production environments where multiple operators are required for the production of screens.

A touch screen controller allows an operator to

quickly program speed settings and the number of passes required. A range of nozzles with a high pressure pump do the rest of the work. Fine tone work is easily washed out thanks to the high pressure pump and fine nozzle system used on the halo. Any size screen can be developed up to the maximum

size of the cabinet, multi frame holders are also available. The system is equipped with a light box with acrylic diffuser,  auto fill for filling the tank and multi program settings.

A new range of stencil stripers and squeegee cleaners will be available by the Autumn.

Contact us for more information and prices.

LED exposure unit, exposure equipment

LED exposure units, latest screen exposure technology.

Three types of exposure units to suit all requirements and budget levels.
Metal halide, LED, Actinic ranges.

MP1, Multi Purpose screen printing machine, it can print any flat product like transfer paper to vinyl, card, bags tshirts and much more.

Multi-purpose screen printing machines.

MP 1 & MP 2: Adaptable, user-friendly and highly versatile machines. Print anything flat with inter-changeable platens.

Sureprint manual tshirt screen printing carousel

Sureprint manual screen printing presses.

A full range of sturdy manual carousels from single colour to ten station presses.
Sturdy side arms clamps, quick release platens with rubber tops. Precision micro  adjustment on each head.

Automatic screen printing carousel for tshirt printing

Trojan carousel, & automatic rotary printing press range.

Affordable / High Output / Robust Automatic Carousel range - built in the UK

Gas dryer for dye sublimating mugs

Dryer range including dye sublimation ovens.

Gas dryers. Infra red dryers. UV dryers. Combination dryers and special build units. High volume / efficient / latest technology - huge range of options and applications.

automatic glue spray system for tshirt platens

Glue Applicators for automatic adhesive application to pallets.

An automated method of safely applying adhesive. Less mess and more efficient.

manual screen printing press, hand bench, press

Screen printing press
or hand bench.

Screen printing tables or hand bench printing press, made in a range of standard sizes, any size can be made to customer requirements.

Quartz flash dryer for manual tshirt printing

Quartz flash dryer for  a manual printing press.

Quartz flash dryers suitable for use with all manual carousels and rotary printing presses.

Quartz flash dryer for automatic tshirt printing

Quartz flash dryer for an automatic press.

Quartz flash dryers for use with automatic carousels.



Established in 1994, Sureprint has grown to become one of the UK's leading manufacturers of screen printing equipment, machinery and supplies. Designing and building in the UK an extensive range of screen printing machinery. Our network of distributors has enabled us to advance new and original product ideas and we are proud to introduce unique, high quality engineering solutions to the market. In addition to expanding operations and developing a host of new screen printing innovations we are widening our distribution network.

Our products extend to all areas of screen printing, pre press, printing equipment, drying solutions and reclaiming screens etc. Bespoke machinery built to customer requirements. We're always happy to discuss our extensive range.

Contact us on  00 44 (0)1623 755800 or use our contact form.

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