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Sureprint manufacture a range of U.V. dryers to suit a wide variety of curing requirements.

UV drying and exposing machines

Sureprint manufacture a range of U.V. dryers in a number of belt sizes to suit a variety of curing requirements. Our mini dryer range provides users with a very small well built machine suitable for sampling or for curing a variety of printed products.


Larger dryers are available from our modular forced air range. These types of dryer are modular in design and can be manufactured as a free standing conveyor unit or incorporated into a dryer with infra red heaters, hot or cold air dryer units. Standard belt widths available from 600 -2000 mm wide.


Suitable for all printed flat products, special dryers for bottles or other objects can be made to client requirements.



Standard belt sizes in the mini range:

  • 150 mm belt, 150 mm curing lamp. 2 k/W single phase.

  • 300 mm belt, 300 mm curing lamp. 4 k/W single phase.

  • 450 mm belt, 250 mm curing lamp. 6 k/W three phase.

  • 600 mm belt, 600 mm curing lamp. 8 k/W three phase.


Power level 130 watts per cm. 


Only a small sample of our U.V. systems are shown here for more information on other products in this range please contact us.

Small format u.v. dryer
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