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A range of forced air dryers for curing printed flat stock products.
Can be used with U.V. dyrers, to create combination systems. 


Sureprint forced air dryers are modular in design, available in a variety of sizes and belt widths. Each machine features a plc control system with digital controls for all aspect of the machine functionality.


High pressure fans create high volume air flow and even temperature control is maintained throughout the oven. The modular design allows any size of unit to be manufactured to customer requirements with any size of belt with avilable.


Suitable for drying printed flat stock prodcucts such as paper, card, plastic sheets etc. Standard temerature range upto 80 degrees C. Higher temperatures can be acheived but requires a modified version of the above machine to incorporate greater insulation around the machine.


These machines can also be fitted with U.V. modules either in a bridge format or modular sections within the dryer.

Forced air dryers
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